This week, I had the opportunity to review the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +, the most professional online model, which is very different from previous models, calling for thinner and more powerful screens. In my opinion, the new device is a unique choice on Android. I want to start with the screen, which is a 12.4-inch super AMOLED panel with a resolution of wqxga + (1752 x 2800 pixels)That means 266 pixels per inch. In addition, the brightness is perfect and it is compatible with hdr10 +. This theme is important for running games that require high performance, because tablets never lag behind. In my opinion, unlike some smartphones, you don't need to reduce the frequency on this device in order to save the batteryThe tablet has 1090 MAH autonomy and offers 12 hours of active screen (including watching video or multimedia content). If you use it occasionally, it can last two days without any problems. if you are a camera lover on a tablet, S7 has two rear cameras and one front camera. There are two sensors in the rear: a 13 megapixel main sensor with an F / 2.0 aperture and a 5 megapixel wide-angle sensor with a PSA.RTURA F/2.0。 Now, if your job is to record video, the device allows you to record at 4K to 30 frames per second. < / BR > I don't want to talk about the camera theme in detail, but I think it's quite professional for tablets, because tablets usually don't bring too many detailed cameras. In fact, the self timer camera has an 8 megapixel f / 2.0 aperture, and I love it, especially now that it's crucial to have a good image in a video call. all of these are possible.Ble, thanks to Galaxy Tab S7 + for its snapdragon 865 + processor, which is the best Android processor ever made by Qualcomm. In addition, we found 8 GB of ram and 256 GB of internal storage. I often encounter such problems: the typical competition you see when publishing device videos, a lot of additional features you can do with accessories, but most of the additional features are sold separately, Things that significantly increase valueMore expensive than the tablet itself). In this new line of Samsung, you won't have this problem, because it's all inclusive, highlighting the function of having keyboard and keyboard from the beginning without paying more. note that when we talk about keyboard, it's not the typical keyboard of tablet computer, but the book cover keyboard of keyboard, There's a mouse in it. For the first time, I had this duality, using mouse and fingers when operating a tablet, and I realized that QIt was an interesting experience. When you want to use the mouse, if you move it, it will appear instead of blocking the movement of your fingers. For me, this is a key issue, because it was said a long time ago that tablet computers would replace laptops, but now I think this is the first time, which is a short-term reality. lulupiz, better known as Samsung s-pen, is a product with many choices. Independent write function, with AOS to do a lot of improvementOn a real page (delay is a very successful topic), we have additional features similar to comment lines, such as allowing photos to be taken on the page. I like how s-pen fits into most applications. In fact, I emphasize canva, This is a pre installed native design application designed to design different types of publications. This free app provides an exclusive template for 200 S7 tags. other things of interestNTE focuses on a more productive theme, that is, when buying a tablet, it offers Microsoft 365 (former office) for free for one year, allowing downloads of PowerPoint?, Excel, word, etc. If you need to work at home or out of home, the keyboard and mouse experience is very good. < / BR > but if you need higher productivity options, Samsung DEX has greatly improved in this new version, which is an interface activated from the "shortcut" panel's DEX iconFast, allows applications and files to be opened in windows (Windows style), and you can move and modify their size as you would on a traditional computer. This function, too © \N allows you to connect your tablet to any device and use it as a computer on any screen. for sound, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + comes with an audio system © REO Dolby atmos is divided into four speakers, calibrated by AKG, and adjusted by Samsung's partnersI heard about your team. Theme audio is very popular because of their sound quality and intensity. Let's think this is a tablet, so the audio quality and power will not decline. in short, I think we are phasing out laptops and entering the stage of multi-functional tablet. Samsung achieves this by creating a device that has nothing to admire. In some functions, it is much more powerful than anything that exists today.Market; market It also includes keyboard case and case. As mentioned above, it's very expensive to buy separately in competitive products. I think this tablet is recommended for work, study and play.

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